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Re: loop dumps

> need some help on how to dump loops from plex to sequencer/sampler for
recall for live preformance.
> whats the best way to go,any suggestions

The 'plex supports the MIDI sample dump, but it's too slow to be practical.

I'd recommend capturing the real-time audio from the 'plex.   The 'plex
transmits a particular MIDI note-on command at the beginning of a loop and
you can use that to trigger the loop capture.

I've done this with my Kyma system as a four stage process:
1) state 1 - Wait for the user command to start 'plex capture.  When this
command occurs, goto state 2.
2) state 2 - Wait for MIDI note-on from 'plex that indicates loop 
When this MIDI event occurs, goto state 3.
3) state 3 - Begin recording audio stream from 'plex.  When another MIDI
event occurs (indicating loop beginning), goto state 4.
4) state 4 - Stop recording.  'Plex loop has been transferred.  Do other
stuff as necessary (I can optionally MUTE, CLEAR the current loop, or ERASE
all loops on the 'plex.)  Go to state 1.

For my system, it's pretty automatic.  You just touch a key to start the
capture process.  I've never used a traditional sampler so I don't know 
is involved with capturing live audio.

I hope this info helps...

Dennis Leas