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Re: pc looping

At 1:25 PM on 3/29/01 , kevin@unitcircle.com (Kevin Goldsmith) said

> > >     Now would be a good time for someone to talk about Max/MSP...Or
> > > are all these Windoze people taking over the forum? :)
> > 
> Whatever happened to the Max Windows port BTW?
>     Kevin
Pretty quiet at the moment. Cycling'74 are about to release Max4 and MSP 2,
which is a major upgrade, all sorts of cool new things to play with.
They've got X on the horizon too.
I think it'll happen one day, either that or the whole world will go over 
Macs ;-)
One thing I'll say for Cycling74, they never gave a firm release date.
Why don't you just run it on a Windows Macintosh emulator? (hehehehehehe)
Sorry about that, couldn't resist it.
 BTW, there is  a Linux Mac emulator that works really well, unfortunately 
PPC only.