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McGill/Manring/Stevens w/Percy Jones in Baltimore Apr 7th

            Baltimore Progressive Rock Showcase Series
                         Orion Studios
                      2903 Whittington Ave
                         Baltimore MD

        Mcgill/Manring/Stevens with special guest Percy Jones
                       April 7th 2001, 8pm

Fusion guitarist Scott McGill has put together a powerful trio for a short
tour featuring bass-monster Michael Manring (Michael Hedges, Cloud
Chamber, Sadhappy, Henry Kaiser) and Vic Stevens (Bon, Gongzilla, Mistaken
Identities) that is sure to sear the paint from the walls, so be sure to
wear your SPF90000. For more info about Scott, see: 

Opening the show will be another monster bassist, Percy Jones who is best
known for his work over the years with Brand X and Brian Eno. Percy will
be doing a solo looped bass performance.

Admission to this all-ages show is $10 at the door on show night

Directions to Orion

-Take I-95 to exit 50, Caton Ave. (Just inside the south west side of the 
 695 beltway)
-Take Caton Ave south to the third traffic light and turn left onto 
-Go 1/4 mile up the hill to the U-Haul sign and turn right onto Inverness.
-At the end of Inverness, turn left onto Whittington Ave. 
-Go to the end of the street and turn right into the parking lot
 at 2903 Whittington, in the Whittington Business Center.
-Orion is on the right

For more info visit http://www.progrock.net/ 

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      out of seeking liberation from cyclic existence, gradually one 
                          becomes a Hearer."
                          - Chandrakirti

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