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Re: Sound Card question

I forgot to add: YMMV. I'm probably one of the only people to try installing Sound Blaster on a Compaq proliant server box, under win 2k Server edition, with an Osprey capture card.
Still, it gave me grief under 98 to, on a home built box.
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Sent: Monday, April 02, 2001 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: Sound Card question

An SBLive has given me nothing but grief, trying to install it on a win2k server here at work. I bought it to >Avoid< greif, figuring the best selling sound card must have all the bugs ironed out.
The support person hung up on me, while I walked away for 5 seconds to reset the machine. I could already tell by the tone in his voice that he knew there was no solution.
THe SBlive is also very picky regarding the PCI slot it gets under win98. I learnt that on my home machine.
For multimedia and Digital Audio, I would suggest 98SE as the OS to use, unless the software you want to use runs well on 2k. Logic Audio doesn't run at all. The Sound Forge stuff does.
I can recommend the SBLive card.  I've got the MP3+ model, which lists at about $99.  I've not had a problem besides a brief conflict with the VIA chipset handling whenever new hardware is added to the bus, which is resolved by an IRQ sharing patch available from VIA.  An addon supplies 5.1 surround as well.
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Subject: Sound Card question

I have a hardware question for you all.  I want to start putting my loops online but I don't know what kind of soundcard to get.  Any suggestions on an inexpensive sound card?
  My setup is a Yamaha MD-4  --> soundcard?  ---> Windows 2000 machine? 
Which raises another question, with the new Windows operating systems ME and 2000, which is better for multi-media applications like editing music?  ME seems quite buggy, but supposedly more designed for this use.  Any feedback?