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Please support your local japanese Looper's Delight J loop fest

Looks like gary someone (holgate?) and I have about 19 loops up
there on Sunao's ftp site.  I'd feel a little shorted if over
half of the loops up there were mine!

I've just been putting up anything I thought might be
interesting, without regard to whether they'll all be used or
not.  I heartily encourage anyone to throw loops at him.  I
think it'll be more interesting if more than like 4 people on
list contribute.  If 20 people contribute and Sunao only uses
one or two of my loops, that'd be great.  But I just wanna give
him as much stuff to play with as I can.  And the sooner he gets
stuff, the more time Sunao has to tweak and arrange, I'm

Please outdo me.  Put stuff up you like better than mine.  Fart
across a waterbottle and loop the feedback.

Ok, enough unsolicited advertising.  I just think it'd be a