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Re: Boomerang, what do you guys think ????

On Mon, 02 Apr 2001, XJ32@aol.com wrote:
> So I already own a 32sec. Jamman, a Line 6 DL4. and I have a "Repeater" 
> order, Paid in full.
> I am thinking about also purchasing a Boomerang pedal this week.  Any one
> have any pros and cons on this unit.  Is it true stereo or is it like the
> jamman ?
> How is it's sound quality?  Any reasons why I should not get one?
> Thanks, Paul

Lengthy discussions about the Boomerang can, of course, be found in the 
archives so I'll keep my response short.

Sound Quality:  There are two versions of the 'Rang, the original and the 
'Rang Plus.  The original had somewhat questionable sound quality as it's 
sample rate was fairly low.  The Plus fixes this with the option of higher 
sample rates.  I own a 'Rang and haven't upgraded it yet.  The sound is 
pristine, but most of the time I don't mind it.  

Fun Factor:  This is a very fun and easy to use unit.  What it lacks in 
features (compared with the EDP and others) it more than makes up for in 
simplicity.  Also the new 'Rang Plus adds a number of features I can't 
to get my hands on including the ability to work with two loops and more 
flexible speed adjustments.

Stereo:  It's not.  Period.  One input + one output = mono.  Sigh.  Also 
way that I know of to get two and link them together to run stereo.

So, if you have a spare $400 or so lying around and want a fun, easy to 
tough as nails looper then go for it.  If you're looking for something to 
replace an EDP this probably won't cut it.

Hope that helped,