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WOT Re: sound cards

> 24/96 recording, SPDIF and has balanced stereo ins and outs.   It set me
> back about $350 as I remember and allows me to SPDIF everything in and 
> of the SoundBlaster live card thus (I hope I've figure out correctly)
> circumventing the SoundBlasters A/D/A converters all together.    I also
> just read that ART has a new stereo A/D/A converter (I think called the
> DI/O) which the catalogues are selling for
> only $250.

I was under the impression that spdif i/o is 48khz only too. How does this
circumvent the resampling?
If you were sampling on the live card at 48khz to begin with, you wouldn't
be resampling either.

I do know that all the internal mixing is at 48khz, which means that even 
the sp-dif is configurable to 44.1, you're >still< resampling.

One resample isn't exactly going to kill your song - I bet no-one could 
the difference, especially through the SB live's A/D/A.

> Total outlay for a pretty cool and quite setup:    $350!!!!   Not bad.  I
> believe it is the cheapest way I know of achieving 'champagne' high
> results on a 'beer' budget.
Yes, it >is< very cheap.