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Re: Sound card

Michael Beck wrote about the SoundBlaster Live card:

". As far as I know, this doesn't really do as much as you would
think. I mean, you are avoiding the converters, but the basic problem
still exists: the SBLive card actually (re)samples *everything* to
48KHz, even the digital inputs, regardless of the incoming frequency!
Now, this may not make much of an audible difference the first time
around, but keep doing it and a few generations from now you'll
definitely hear it.
    What I've been told is that everything Creative makes is crap & to
avoid it for real work. For more info check out the archives of the
DAT-Heads Digest mailing list. YMMV & please correct if I'm wrong!"

Thanks for the information, Mike.  It is new to me.  I have a lot to learn
about this whole soundcard business.

    About everything made by Creative being crap,  I think that all things
are relative.
In the early 80's when I would have died and gone to heaven had I been able
to afford a Linn Drum, a Prophet 5 and a 4 track reel to reel recorder
(which was as far from me financially as a trip to the moon),   it would
have seemed like science fiction to me to see what I have been able to
create with this "piece of crap" sound card in the last two years.   The
richest musicians in the world were making music far more primitive at a 
of the bandwith (in the digital realm, that is).      Admittedly, the
soundblaster is not nearly state of the art, but what I have appreciated is
that for me, as a working professional musician (not a lot of money in that
in these days of George Dubya America) it was something I could afford that
let me do seemingly miraculous things.    I have all of the sounds from the
EMU sample library in Vienna Sound Font which comes with the card fer 
sake!!!!   I've gotten some really wonderful response for my first CD and 
was recorded entirely on that piece of crap.

 More power to you if you have better fidelity equipment.    I just ask for
a little compassion for those of us who do not.

Yours, Rick Walker (loop.pool)