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OT: My set-up (was: 'Rang? EDP? 01V?)

>I'm curious... how do you like your 01V? I have an AW4416, but may change
>a computer-based DAW. Editing is prehistoric on the 4416. What's the rest
>your setup like? (HW/SW)...

Ok, now this configuration is VERY new and to tell the truth, I haven't had
much time to find the errors in it, yet, as there indubitably will be.
But, here's what I've got:

Dell Poweredge 4200 dual-PIII 800 512MB 133ECC RAM
2x 18GB 7200RPM SCSII HD
8x4x32 CD-RW
RME Project Hammerfall Lite (2x ADAT I/O)
Cubase 5.0.3
ACID Pro 2.0
Sound Forge 4.5
Reason 1.0

Yamaha 01V w/ ADAT expansion card
Mackie SR24-4 24ch, 4-bus analog board
Tascam stand alone CD burner (I forget the model)
2x Line6 DL4
Korg AM8000R
Lexicon MPX-100
Electrix Filter Factory
Electrix Repeater Beta
Just Kidding
Line6 POD v1
Yahama DG-1 Stomp
Buncha Crap

We're in the process of building our new studio space, so we haven't got
everything in its permanant place.  What I can tell you is that the
Hammerfall works beutifully under Win2000 (needed to capitalize on the dual
processors) and that Cubase hasn't misbehaved yet.  I'm still working on
the integration of the 01V with Cubase.  It should be easier than I'm
probably making it, seeing that 01V support is built in.  To tell the
truth, I'm a bit of a MIDIphobe.  Never really worked with it before, but
am confronted with a MIDI-controlled studio, so have to dive in.  I'm
definately still learning.  But for basic tracking, up to eight at a time,
the set-up is flawless so far.  I'm sure someone with more experience
working with a MIDI control surface or the 01V as such could help out
more--I'd sure listen.  I'd love to switch over to SAWStudio, with its
super-efficient coding, dual-processor support and integration of the 01V
as a control surface.  $2500 is a bit stiff, though.  Oh, and I need a real
patchbay.  Currently, the Mackie board is serving as a pseudo patch
bay/switching device.  It works, though.

But in terms of your real question: how do I like the 01V?--I love it.
Sounds great.  The on-board effects are good, the compression and EQ
especially.  The way I plan to work, though, means that if I don't intend
to print those effects to track, I won't benefit from them 'cause I'll be
mixing in the computer.  Still nice to have, though.  And I don't think I
could ever mix or edit without some sort of tactile interface again.  It is
sooooo much faster and intuitive.  There are a lot of control surface units
coming out: Mackie's HUI and now with Logic, the Logic Control.  Events USB
thing.  Steinberg's Houston.  Motormix.  The Peavey thing.  Lots.  And
there's definately a reason why.