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RE: Boomerang, what do you guys think ???? EDP ?

Yeah, I'd agree that Alto are the best guys to get an EDP from,
Trace Elliot R&D,
Part of Gibson Guitar Corporation,
Making the Echoplex,
That used to be Oberheim's 

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> Subject: Re: Boomerang, what do you guys think ???? EDP ?
> >I cannot seem to find any info on the web as to where I can 
> find an EDP.
> >What stores carry them, does gibson still own them?
> Although there are plenty of intimately EDP-related 
> merchants, developers,
> designers and afficianados on this group that will probably 
> chime in on
> this one, explaining that Gibson owns Trace Elliot which owns Oberheim
> which makes the EDP under license from Blah, regulated by 
> Blah, tested by
> Blah, shipped through Blah....  I did want to say that Alto Music
> (www.altomusic.com) is a great resource for your gear.  I've 
> dealt with
> them only once (on recommendation from this list) and I was 
> glad I did.
> Fast, friendly (on the phone AND via email) and I got a great 
> price (and I
> used to work at Guitar Center, so I get the
> friend-in-the-biz-c'mon-hook-a-brother-up discount).
> BTW: about this soundcard issue.  Alto (wink, wink) also carries RME
> Hammerfall products.  Best card available, though it is 
> digital I/O only.
> But that's fine: you don't want your converters in the 
> computer anyway.
> Pair that with a good ADAT-capable converter (there are plenty) or a
> digital board (like my 01V) and you're set.  Not the 
> cheapest, by far, but
> pro sound, pro performance and room to grow galore.
> I'm so confidant in my opinion that I'll call this my $0.16.
> L