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Re: pelt and question on bowing

> question-  any loopers out there use a bow on non-bowed instruments?  or
> even non-instruments?  (your pet rats metal cage perhaps?)  ive always
> intrigued by the orchestral saw and the waterfone (sorry for the
> spelling...)  anyone loopng a bowed 12' steel i-beam?

Occassionally, I'll play around with a cheap violin bow on different 
I really like it on a "Wobble Board", a kid's toy that I play like a 
saw.  I stick a piezo pickup on it.  Bowed marimba and glockespiel sound
cool, too.  One of the nastiest sounds is a bowed gopi-yantra (or
gopi-chadra) with the string very loose and played through a old E-H Big
Muff.  It makes nails-on-the-chalkboard sound melodious!

Dennis Leas