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Re: Expression pedal with PMC10

I believe the resistance needs to be within
the 0 - 10K ohm range.  I was lucky with the
Kawai pedal in that it was in that range, it
was just wired to a stereo plug.  You can easily
find out by hooking up an ohm meter and getting
a reading when the pedal is at the heel-down
(you want 0 ohms) and toe-down positions (10K ohm).
Now, it seems plausible to me that a pedal that
didn't go all the way to 10K might work -- and I
highly doubt it would damage anything.  You'd have
to try it out to make sure....


--- Steve Lawson <steve@steve-lawson.co.uk> wrote:
> > Last night I adapted a Kawai expression pedal to
> > work with my DL-4.  The Line 6 pedals want a mono
> > plug hooked up to a 10K pot.  The Kawai (and some
> > other expression pedals) use a stereo plug and wire
> > the plug up so that the usual variable resistance
> > from the pot goes across the sleeve and ring of
> > the plug (the Line 6 needs it on the sleeve and
> > tip).  I wired in a little switch to go from
> > the normal wiring, to one that is compatible with
> > the Line 6.  Seems to me that a technically inclined
> > person could "repurpose" a Crybaby for use as an
> > expression pedal, assuming you can find a 10K wah pot....
> OK, so will this work with any stereo expression pedal? What would 
>happen if
> the impedance was wrong? If I buy a Roland or
> Technics stereo pedal, chop off the stereo plug and attach a mono one in 
> way described above, with that work? I'm not
> massively into the idea of spending $$ on a Line 6 pedal, and the Boss EV
> thingie is even more!
> Steve
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