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Re: Seattle Looping Activities?

I host an open mic in Anacortes (70miles north) at the Brown Lantern on Thursdays at 9pm. More info and sign up at  http://www.brownlantern.com/music/rothmeyer/form.cfm or just stop in. We get some artists from the label "know Yer Own" The are the highlight of this gig. I am the only loopy musician so I really want some more wierdos please! That goes for all you out there. 'cm on, it's fun!  
It is a bit far north but worth the side trip if you plan to go up to BC or out to the San Juan Islands. The Tulips might be in bloom by this weekend. Skagit Valley is the Tulip capitol of the world. Lets see how else can I justify you trip out into "the sticks"? Let's see...... There is alot of Beer! and I'll buy a pitcher for anyone from Loopers delight! How's that for a bribe?

Michael Rothmeyer
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From: Jason Fink
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Subject: Seattle Looping Activities?


I am heading to Seattle for a week this Saturday.  Are there any
locals that can point me to looping gigs/activities going on?

Or Anything cool to do up there, for that matter....