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I originally purchased an ESI2000 about three years ago to use as a "live
act" sample tool. I found that it was very awkward since the keys were 
for triggering sounds and had to be set-up for latching mode every time I
booted the unit. I remember sitting there loading, placing, then arming all
my samples for the keypad ... what a pain. I think it's a good sampler, but
not in the "looper" arena ...

Also, I found the sound processing very limiting (you have to buy an
additional board for effects), was very slow, and much less powerful that
what you can get in many of the units today, or even just crank out on your
PC for base sounds. Also, if I remember correctly, it will only import the
proprietary EMU sounds.

I ended up getting rid of it and buying a Yamaha SU700 ... which was much
better at making quick samples, assigning them to a nice large (somewhat
touch sensitive) pad arranging them into a song, and performing live
manipulation of sound. SU700's can be had on the market at a really
competitive price these days, but I'd also consider checking out these

Roland SP808EX
Zoom SampleTrak ST-224
Yamaha SU200  <== this unit looks awesome for the price!
Korg ElectribeS

Read some reviews:


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Anyone use this sampler for doing live loops? Was wondering how well it
would work.