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Re: question on bowing, looping mechanisms

seisscp@washpost.com writes:
>i wanted to share this idea : my wife visualizes a "turn-table 
>in which a chrystal coblet is placed on the platter of a turn-table and
>arm is constructed above the glass to "bow" the rim as it rotates to
>produce that old, familiar yet mysteriously beatiful tone.  its seems like
>a great idea, so... whats the problem?     ususally when creating those
>wonderfull  wine glass drones, on would apply just a bit of vinager on
>finger to get the perfect friction for coaxing out the harmonics-  
>its not so easy to reproduce the delicate touch required with crude
>crunstruction technique and lack of materials to experiment with.  has
>anyone tried to build something similar to this?  i think this would make
>great stage piece for our unusual brand of music (loops loops!)  but the
>most important final element would be the "finger" part of the mechanism.
>any ideas on what we could try?

well, this instrument already exists;
i *believe* it's called the 'glass harmonica'?
spltrcll / dt