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tdream and risky biz

i recently experienced a bit of morphogenic resonance

i was watching the dvd of "risky business" and reading the info
in the "extras" section and found this:

    [producer Jon Avnet about using tangerine dream for the soundtrack]
    "initially we were a little nervous about the language and cultural 
barriers," Avnet says.
    "But the guys loved Steve Reich's 'Music for 18 Musicians,' which we 
had placed on cassette in a temporary music track."
    "We found that musically we spoke a very similar language."

and also this:
    The right to film on the elevated line that serves "The Loop" was 
rather easily obtained.  
    The right-of-way was another matter.

    "At each stop, we were limited to just one or two quick shots before 
we had to move on," 
    director Paul Brickman  explains.  
    "We were in the middle of a traffic pattern with real trains stacked 
up behind us."

    "To retake a shot, we had to go all the way around 'The Loop' and 
return to the original station.
    Meanwhile, the minutes were ticking by.  Things got a little hairy for 
us, but the 
    commuters seemed to enjoy the spectacle."

this sounds a lot like a live looping improv performance.
the circle's back around...