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Re: Undo function on EDP

>I got an EDP a few weeks ago and have been really enjoying getting into 
>it --
>But the undo function seems inconsistent -- sometimes it seems like 
>I have to press it a few times for it to do anything (yes, I know I 
>have to give a long press for it to erase the last pass).
>Also, I the manual says I should be able to end overdub mode with 
>undo -- but my unit won't do that.  

its more usefull to be able to erase a layer and continue in overdub 
than another method to come out of Overdub, so thats what it does.

but its used to stop functions that change time in order to regain 
the original time.

Long press makes it erase from the beginning of the last loop while 
short press from the present moment in the last loop.

there is more on this on the site...

>When I'm in overdub, the undo light doesn't even go on.

just while you press it does, to show you that you are pressing, right?



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