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many questions

I have delurked and have a few q's for ya'll.
1. I want to buy a Minidisc recorder for my son. I
love my Sharp that I got a couple of yrs ago but am
not sure what brand has the most bang for the buck
now. the new Sharp MDSR60 looks pretty good
specially for the price. 180$. i am not a wealthy
man btw.

2.I need a road case for my rack gear w/ a mixer.
did I mention that I am not a wealthy man yet?
Musicians Friend has some Cadence that are in my
range 200$ w/ a top angled seperate mixer rack, 8 &
12 space same price. Any advice?

3.A power conditioner for the rack. they are wide
and varied in price and I don't know much about
them. I am in the 2-300$ range. ouch this is adding
up. i like the looks of the Furman PM-Pro Power
Conditioner, 280$ from Musicians Friend.

i am gonna start playing out again , ahh spring
fever and G.A.S. what a combo. I am also going to
start typing all lowercase I give up! Did I mention
that I use will use all of this stuf for Looping?

thank you all for now ahead of time and for all that
i have learned and unlearned from this list over the

jd, aka echo17

my much more famous sons jd jrs.site