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Re: OT: PMC Foot Switch Adjustments

>Oh, I don't know if it's really off thread, is it?  This list is about 
>isn't it?


I believe the obligatory argument is: "No, this list is all about 
The fact that it also has proven to be an internet watering hole for 
gearheads is merely a side effect of the technology necessary to create 
loop based music, and of the personality quirks of people who enjoy 
that music.

Just thought that I would attempt to preempt any potential flames that 
be forthcoming for you.


>I find that the individual switches on the PMC-10 react differently to the
>touch.  Has anyone adjusted their pedals?  Any tips?
>I am finding that sending the odd patch and remaining in a given bank (and
>the same with the odd bank and a given set) is quite useful--thanks to 

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