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Re: Berlin music / gigs enquiry

I understand the annual Love Parade was cancelled relatively recently, so
there should be some more going on than usual.  Apparently the German Green
Party has had a lot of gripes about the Parade due to the trash/etc.
afterwards (or so it claims), and was able to get it cancelled by 
a rally the same weekend, in the same area.  This comes via alt.music.rave

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Sent: 09 April 2001 11:29 AM
Subject: Berlin music / gigs enquiry

> hello people
> later this week i'm travelling out to berlin for a couple of days. i
> would appreciate any suggestions on good places (bars, clubs, gigs
> etc) where you can listen to music related to this list. any idea at
> all?  i know its the easter break but there must be something
> happening...
> sorry if you receive this email more than once, and thanks in advance.
> colin
> colin@dual.co.uk
> www.dual.co.uk