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New Program: Audio Encoding Helper -- Encode mp3 and Real Audio in One Step

This email is being sent to you because you are part of my circle of 
or are a member of a music-related email list to which I belong.  My
apologies if you consider this spam... I am merely trying to get the word
out on a tool which I have created which I believe can be of assistance to
some of you.  Direct all flames & complaints to me or to DEV/NULL.  Thank
you :)

I don't know how many of you have band or other sites where you post both
mp3s and real audio files of the same track.

As some of you may know (I'd sure as hell hope so!), I do!  Because of how
much of a pain in the ass it is to reenter the same information twice,
create .ram files by hand, etc.... I created a program to help automate the
creation and FTPing of the files.

You can take a look at information and a screenshot at
http://www.infin8ty.com/progs/enchelper.asp .
If you are interested in hearing the quality, you can check out some music
by Caldwell's project everything Blue at
http://www.infin8ty.com/music.asp?artistID=cld  These mp3s and real audio
files were encoded and uploaded with the new program.

http://www.infin8ty.com/ - oneinfin8tyzero: a digital artists collective