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(OT) Dat to Mp3 application ??

Salut les gars

After now 3 years of heavy looping I've made up some serious recordings
:10 x 90 min Dat tapes of audio material that I want to use somehow,
but, its a huge collection 15 Hours...

I guess were back to looping as I guess I'm not alone in this case...<G>

during those years I took "some" time to make a database of all what is
recorded on my dats: setups informations, special tuning used, pgram
change, used patches names etc etc I even have screen dumps from my
switchblade's configs... 
the only link that is missing is a direct access to whats more important
to me : the sound 
so the idea is to make up CD roms of the Dat's contents in mp3 format
(the size is more important here..)
that would be linked to the database so I could listen to old stuff fast
without handling my Masters too much ) ----DAT is fragile------
Now that you have the background heres what I'm looking for:
a PC application that can record the spdif 48K and do realtime Mp3
conversion and saving on my hard disk
in a batch style operation (for "during nap" operation)
sure I need some way to have the program detect by threshold the end of
the tune because I would like to have one mp3 file by DAT index 
I would like to have the least edit operations before burning to cd;
although there will surely be some...

Which software can do that ?

did I just create a market?

what time is it?