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ot: gig spam pittsburgh

the "there's one born every minute tour" continues with the m.klobuchar big
band (me and my boxes) at CITY TAVEREN located in ONE OXFORD CENTER in
down-town PITTSBURGH tonite april 11 from 6-8 pm.....sorry for the late
notice, i will understand if nobody shows up, although you will not be
forgiven!.....:).....also on EASTER SUNDAY at 2pm the MKBB will be preforming
at the V.A. HOSPITAL in ASPINWAL PA., just up the river from PITTSBURGH, i
think im on with some tap-dancers, this could be very neat!.....also some
good news!, i am no longer un-employed, i will be tending bar at a new joint
opening up in our "CULTURAL DISTRICT" where all the theaters are: HEINZ
HALL-THE BENEDUM-O'REILY THEATER-ETC. so instead of dealing with lawyers i
will be making drinks for stars, yea sure!.....but who knows, it could be
another venue for the MKBB perhaps.....next wed. april 18 i am looking
forward to seeing and hearing "PROJECT OBJECT" who will be here in PITTSBURGH
(as you can all now see,  truely the loop center of the universe) so ANDRE if
you read this be on the lookout for me.....stay tuned, times are getting