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Head Poison

Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:

> Subject: so cal gig announcement, er, spam, er . . .
> Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 13:41:35 -0400
> From: "Liebig, Steuart A." <Steuart.Liebig@maritz.com>
> To: "'Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com'"
>      <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>

Hi Steuart,

I like the name Splinter Group. It's also the name of the studio I do a
lot of my projects at here in Chicago. Have a good show at Mr. T's.

Speaking of Chicago, if there's a any Looper's list members in the area
perhaps you'd like to catch the one of the last theater performances I'm
doing this year with Plasticene. It's been described as "hardcore
techno, trip-hop" but it's multi-dimensinal, e.g., there's a lot of
lowercase sound I've designed and composed, and  create for it (both
recorded and real-time).  I do the live stuff on my Springboard through
an EDP and MidiVerb III.

The show's called Head Poison. The theater is physical not verbal, so
the sounds have a lot of aesthetic and temporal room to fill the space,
and the sound system at the Storefront Theater can handle all the
dynamic extremes. Here's our promotional spam on it:

"Stunning..." Sun-Times
"Mindblowing..." Free Press
"Daring...  Very funny..." Reader
"Intense and demanding..." Tribune
"Bizarrely poetic... Has to be experienced." New City

HEAD POISON is a thrilling theatrical adventure into a mind-altering
Suspense, shock, and comedy convolve in this hilarious and compelling
of the damage we do and wreckage we leave behind.

Performed and Created by Mark Comiskey, Dominic Conti, Julia Fabris,
Göpfert, and Brain Shaw

Directed by Dexter Bullard         Music by Eric Leonardson
Lights by Carrie Kennedy           Costumes by Lori Hall-Araujo
Rigging by Mark Wittiveen          Set Engineered by Scott Kesser
Stage Managed by Carrie Kennedy    Tech Support by David Schulte
PR by David Bryson                 Conditioning Help by Kristy Parsons

66 East Randolph Street in Chicago.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm

Tickets: 312.742.8497  Tickets are $15 for all seats.  Or visit Hot-Tix.

More info: 312.409.0400 or plasticene.com

Lastly, I'd like that Shane Radtke at Gibson tech for getting that in
EDP replacement input knob to me just in time. If you're reading this
Shane, email me and get you a comp to the show.

I'd also like to address to technical weirdness I experienced with the
EDP later which may have lead to the damage/destruction of some hardy

Best regards,


sound thinking: http://pages.ripco.net/~eleon/
upcoming dates: http://pages.ripco.net/~eleon/whatsnew.html