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Re: The Orb

Doug Wyatt <doug@sonosphere.com> wrote:
>At 11:47 -0400 4/12/01, Paolo Valladolid wrote:
>>I wake up this morning to find out The Orb will be playing in town 
>>(Tampa) tomorrow night.  Dunno if they loop in real time live, but 
>>they were definitely among the first artists I really listened to 
>>when I first discovered loop-based music.
>>Really looking forward to this.  If you live in the US, then they 
>>might be coming to your town before too long.
>Yes, they're here in San Francisco on 4/27:

NYC on the 17th:  <http://irvingplaza.com>

Their last album was not good at all:

has my review.

has a quick pointer to another Alex Patterson project.

...electronic a cappella madness <http://volectrix.com>.........
...extreme internet radio        <http://extremeNY.com/radio>...