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Re: Anyone interested in a jam man?

This may be good advice.  I sold mine for $600 a year ago, but when the
Repeater finally (!) gets released, it will drive down the asking price of
existing loopers.  Besides, IMHO the Jammer has serious limitation 
loads of folks on this list don't seem to have a problem making it do
tricks--hi Steve!)

PS--you might still be able to get $600 for it--I haven't been following it
on ebay lately but Alto seems to get $700 for the Echoplex with no problem.

> get rid of it quick.  It's fairly rare, but now the Echoplex Digital Pro
> is available and a company called Electrix may be releasing a similar
> product in June.  You my still be able to get a good price for it.
> Mark
> sean conlon wrote:
> >      I have a jam man I am not getting much use out of
> > that I was thinking of selling. I was kind of curious
> > to see what they are going for these days. I know its
> > worth something as It seems they are quite scarce and
> > somewhat collectible. Is anyone interested?
> >
> >                                        Take care, Sean
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