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Live looping newbie...

Hey Y'all,

I've been trying to loop with a DL-4 for some time now, but since my band
plays straight time rock/funk/soul I'm having a hard time.

It seems like a lot of loopers do more experimental cool-trippy music which
allows flexibility in looping.  While I'd still use my DL-4 for this, I
need something a little more time reliable...

My question is - I'd like to be able to have my drummer start/play my loops
with drum triggers.  That way he'd be responsible for my loops instead of
my toes.  So he could record me on the "1" and hit the trigger again for
the next "1" thus keeping my loop in synch with what he's playing. (first
hit = record, second hit = play, subsequent hits = play, until we want to
stop it with a hit = stop)

Besides the repeater (not yet out), and oberheim (too pricey), what can I
use for midi record/play?  I'm not looking for anything complicated like
multiple loops, layering, timeclock synching, etc...just one loop at a

I was really hoping the Boss SP-303 would allow this, but I believe the
midi is only for synching to a sequencer.  Any other options?