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Re: The new issue of Guitar Player...


yah, and the Line6 message board had this the other day...from george 
van wagner, their webboard moderator..

"Yup, we showed a new pedal (but rather quietly, since it was several 
months away from shipping) at NAMM in January. It's the FM4 Filter 
Modeler. Does filter, sample and hold, auto wah, and monophonic synth 
effects. Very cool and very strange! Should be available in just a 
few weeks. Keep your eyes open for audio samples on the site here in 
the next couple of weeks."  -  George

more stuff!  more stuff!


>has an ad showing a new modeling pedal from Line6.
>The FM4 Filter Modeler. It has the following listed
>Spin Cycle
>Comet Trails
>Slow Filter
>Attack Synth
>Synth String
>Q Filter
>Tron Down
>Tron Up
>Voice Box
>And, it's very purple!
>Also in GP, an interview with Leni Stern.
>John Tidwell