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Re: Italian Cycloops

Emmanuel, this is full page translation:

"Price 900.000 (little more than 400$)
 New fron Namm show, sampler for loops.Its main feature is the ability to
"hear" the beat and sets an audio loop according to them. You can choose if
a measure is made up of 1-2-4-8-16 beats and it will take care of it all.
It could be useful if it worked fine with our Latin music, but Ithink that
it has the same limitations of automix function of Pioneer CMX5000, that is
it can't "hear" time.
Price !!!900.000 seems too much if it doesn't work. Moreover it is some
more gear to bring along.

FINAL judgement:
This time resist to temptations. Better to buy a nice mixer with internal
sampler to make up loops as you like. Keep the money for something better.
There are samplers with more functions for tha same money on the market."


Wait for Repeater....the personal demo I had in Frankfurt was
UNBELIEVABLE...hold on...you'll be rewarded!!!!
Best  Italoop

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> http://www.djlatino.net/tecnologie/tecnologie.asp?ID_Prodotto=12
> Hey Italoop, could you translate for me please ? What do they say
> concerning the disavantages ("Contro") ?
> Thanks
> EP