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Re: TipJar? PayPal? Suggestions?

At 10:15 AM -0700 4/21/01, Stephen P. Goodman wrote:
>    Hi Everybody,   As you can tell from the subject this is another
>"funny  question" but nonetheless important.  Obviously it becomes
>necessary at  some point to process some sort of e-commerce via ones web
>site, in our cases  mostly to sell CDs.  Two methods I've come up with
>have been PayPal (http://www.paypal.com) and TipJar
>(http://www.tipjar.com).  As many  previously-unknown operators for credit
>card processing want as much as 30c per  transaction I'd like to know what
>sort of satisfaction you all have had with  either of these firms, if not
>others you're happy with.  Frankly, I haven't  the resources to get a
>merchant account, so these must then be the options in  front.  Your
>assistance, is as usual, appreciated.   Stephen Goodman

Coincidentally, I've just added some PayPal buttons on the Looper's Delight
site so generous people who want to help support LD can easily make
donations. (hint, hint...:-)

I never heard of Tipjar, but I picked PayPal because I already had a PayPal
account for another reason. It was really easy to extend it to use for
Looper's Delight donations, so that seemed the obvious thing to do. I like
PayPal because it is very simple for people to use, and convenient for me
as well. People can pay with credit cards or directly from their bank
account, and it is international. They already have millions of users, so
chances are people already have a paypal account and trust it. If not, it
only takes a minute to sign up and doesn't cost the user anything. And
given the state of the dotcom business, paypal at least appears to be
sticking around for a while.

Hopefully this works out for me and stops the flow of red ink that Looper's
Delight creates in my personal accounting. Check back in a month, I'll have
a good idea if it works by then. So far I have no idea, cause nobody has
donated anything yet.

Shameless begging:
And hey, if any of you out there feel that Looper's Delight has helped you
out and you would like to give a little something back, I would very much
appreciate a donation of some kind. Any amount is fine. The site does cost
money to run, and it's gotta come from somewhere! If for no other reason,
somebody click the link and send me a buck so I know it's working right.
I'll even put the link right here to make it easy:



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