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Re: freeware nation

Greetings Fellow Loopers,

I think this site http://f6.co.nz/artificial/main.html would be great for 
the soon to be famous joke electro-techno band Freeware Nation, and anyone 
else looking for some free software and samples...etc...

Does anyone out there own a Yamaha DDS-20M Digital Delay Sampler pedal?  I 
just won the high bid for one on e-bay and supposedly it has 2 sec. of 
delay/sample time.  It was cheap!  $51, but I can't find any info online 
about this pedal.  I have 3 of the old Digitech PDS series pedals and love 
'em, so that's why I'm interested in this Yamaha.  


> hey, its me thaniel, im trying to make a joke electro-techno band im 
> to call it freeware nation, any have any sugestions on some nifty/cheesey
> techno freeware. - your pal thaniel the wonder gimp