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Unofficial voluntary loopfest sponsoring

Why should YOU send YOUR loops to the Loopers Delight J?

10. you don't have a repeater yet

9. you don't know what else to do with that loop you made of
your keys jingling

8. you want me to stop mailing the list about this crap

7. you don't want to just hand your hard work over to somebody
halfway across the planet who's only going to sic some
frankenstein collection of hardware and software on it and
mangle the begeezes out of it ... wait a sec

6. the mere thought of a bunch of far east blokes packed in a
cute little lab and going wack on your loops nearly makes you
fall out of your chair laughing

5. you feel sorry for me

4. you need to clean up your hard drive, and audio takes up more
space than pictures

3. you just learned what ftp stands for, now use that power for

2. you don't think you're going to make any royalties off of
that piece you composed entirely of snoring samples anyway










1. you've tried to unsubscribe and you can't, YOU WANT



user:  looper
pass: heaven

DEADLINE April 30th!!!!!!

I love you all!  Really!  Save me from my own loops, PLEASE!