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Re: new member with some cool edit pro ????

>>about the cracks and pirate issue.... I feel that without these 
>>apps i would have no chance to complete projects that require these 
>>expensive tools. While im sure there are some app developers on 
>>this list, im also sure the corporations make enough money with out 
>>the sale they would have never had. piracy i believe requires me to 
>>make money using this product, or to make copies and sell them.


this is just the issues that we've gone over here.  like i said, 
check out the archives.  also, in your earlier post, you were willing 
to trade cool edit pro (and you gave a $$ value) for another piece of 
software.  that's cash value that you were essentially willing to 
'sell' to get another piece of software, no?  if these apps are 
important to you to complete projects, and you don't have a moral 
problem with it, cool, go ahead.  i was just stating that advertising 
it here would cause some heat.

don't want to fan the flames...i'm done.  just wanted to welcome you 
to the list and hope you can get some useful information here...god 
knows i have.  as you can see, you've gotten a couple of responses 
from folks which indicates there are vehement opinions on both side 
of the fence which, when placed in conflict with each other, don't 
make for a friendly loop-happy environment.  this is supposedly the 
reason we are here.

i would agree with jon's sentiments below.

take care,


ps.  having a chuckle at your 'half-baked' references...perhaps you'd 
be interested in the Resinator...a product that got discussed here 
today...say hi to wesley pipes for me...bye.

>Why don't you just download ProTools' free demo.  Its got most of 
>the power of the full software version, and its free to use forever. 
>Lets not start a software piracy flame war. please.
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