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Custom Jam Man switch for sale.

     Hey, I am selling a custom foot switch I had made
for 3 jam mans that is basically 6 jam man switch's in
a sturdy steel housing. It also has a masterswitch
which "taps"(starts the selected function) of all
three simultaneously. Also on board is an ABC box with
a buffered output. Signals can be sent from any
combination. This was so I could use three Jam mans
left, center, right and send audio to any point in any
combination. All of the switchoutputs and audio
signals are put through a detachable snake. If anyone
uses multiple Jam Mans this is a killer piece of gear.
Housed in truck style industrial steel plating.It was
custom made for $550 and I would like to sell it since
I no longer use multiple Jam mans. I also have an
expanded memory Jam man Which is still for sale. Let
me Know if this sounds interesting to anyone.
                               Take Care,

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