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Hello everyone,

    I just did a presentation at the SAT  Société des Arts 
French) in Montréal.  The reason why I am sending you this e-mail is that
for my presentation I used only looping, nothing else. And you know what? 
worked. My piece was very well appreciated. It was part of an
electroacoustic concert of all the University students of Montreal. It
lasted a week ( 4 Universities over 100 performances). Tonight was the
real-time performance event.
All kinds of stuff. I used a computer to regenerate sound that I recorded 
the violin on stage, then I manipulated loops in real-time. The reaction 
excellent. I programmed an application myself with 4 simultaneous looping
algorithms. In fact I ended the performance too soon... people enjoyed it
and said it was too short, I should of let myself go!
    All this to say, I don't know who I am writing to and I don't know if
this interests you but my application runs on MacIntosh and loops four
samples of approx. 10 sec. in any shape or form in real-time. Should I
improve this application for wider use or does something like it exists and
I am wasting my time... I would like to get some feedback! What do loopers
need to loop efficiently. I would then work on my application and make it

Thanks for your cooperation.

Ivan Zavada
Composer and programm developer.
Masters student at Université de Montréal.