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R: hi all - Italy's situation

> Incidenatlly we seem to have quite a few Italians here - how many are
> ?
I hope my article on the most important italian music magazine has helped

> Do you manage any live performances in Italy ? I Was in the Alps the 
> day and would love to have seen some live looping.

Hi there,
I can say we in Italy have to invent chances to make loopers perform.
personally, I have played in several art shows and in specific festivals,
but they are anyway just a small number if compared to other scenes.
I have had the chance to play in a gtr festival in Milan in March and I am
organizing a small festival on Garda lake made up to make people get
awareness of different musical languages than the ones that are mainly
represented in this country.
It will be held during the first days of July on Garda Lake.
One of the people I am more proud to have this year is Hans Reichel, who
isn't properly a looper guitarist, but he's one of the most creative artist
on gtr that I know.
I will host a looper in this year's festival (last year we were in three).

it would be nice to see someone of you there.

all my best,