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Re: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo: Fun Group Noise at AAA Electra 99

Hey there from the UK,

You know, I regret having left the LA area just when the Ambient/Looping
scene took off enough. :|  Good use of the "Subgenius" image by the way. :)


----- Original Message -----
From: "phalen orion" <phalen180@infin8ty.com>
To: <littleengines@littleengines.org>
Sent: 30 April 2001 17:31 PM
Subject: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo: Fun Group Noise at AAA Electra 99

> What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (aka the 5th of May) than by
> getting together with a bunch of people and making a cacophonous noise?!?
> The Little Engines - 100% improvisational, audience-is-performer 
> performance, May 5, 2001 at AAA Electra 99 art gallery, museum and
> performance space.  BRING YOUR OWN INSTRUMENT:  things like toys, simple
> instruments, found-object percussion... the wilder the better... try to
> think outside the box :)
> There will be a mixer available for electronic instruments to plug into,
> please only bring non-standard instruments and/or just processors.  You
> bring your own cables/mics if you will require them.
> Information on The Little Engines: http://www.littleengines.org/
> Information & directions to AAA Electra 99: http://www.aaaelectra99.com/
> Bring friends, bring lovers, bring enemies, but bring something that 
> noise:  $5 non-members, $2 members.
> Best,
> phalen180
> P.S.: Please forward this email to local email lists you participate in
> to anyone else you know who might be interested.  Thanks!