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Re: new member with some cool edit pro ????

yea yea yea,

we should go out of our way to help you with your question after you 
dis people for paying for software...hmmm...

there was a post that someone put up stating that their current 
upgraded version of Cool Edit would do just what you're asking for. 
check the archives from last week.

also, you were also led to check out ProTools free...(that's how i 
got the link) and it will do what you ask for as well...Pitch 
shifting with time compensation.  Try it out.  for free even.



>yea yea yea
>you guys made your point im not activly seeking a trade or any piracy
>whispers )) i already found what i needed no thanks to you ((
>so dont wory about it... i fear you all are having more trouble 
>justifying your own means and now are mad that you payed for it and 
>i didnt...
>relax take that deep breathe its just an email list
>so it seems everyone here can answer why it is wrong to pirate software
>but not one can answer a simple software related question? how do i 
>adjust the speed of a loop on cool edit pro???
>well what a list this turned out to be :o)
>"comes over to my place"
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