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Lou Harrison

At 13:02 4/30/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Did you talk to Lou Harrison?  How is he doing?

In passing yes.. I am new to this area, so I basically smiled and said, 
"hello". He seems to be doing well for being 84 or 85. It was interesting 
weekend; Harrison had a good key note address. Sadly, a younger generation 
was not present. It seems most people actively working in the microtonal 
arena are 35+ though that is of course not the rule (it seems like that on 
the tuning list and from the conference participants). Learning about that 
side of music history really seems to unify and complement the electronic 

Actually it was quite funny. Erv Wilson put on a CD behind his talk and 
second it came on my ears picked up... "Hey, wait a second: this is dance 
music if you put a 4/4 beat behind it..." I mentioned that to someone 
his talk and they looked at my funny. I asked Erv about it and he sent me 
to Perfect Buzz (http://www.marcussatellite.com/). I got in touch with 
Marcus and we had a good laugh... ;)

>This may indeed be the "first microtonal conference," though there was an 
>annual instrument builders' conference at UCSD in the late '70s. Many 
>microtonalists participated, including a number of Harry Patch colleagues 
>and disciples.

I have heard there was an 8 day festival in New York during the '80s.

Say, I just came across a small quote from you in Joel Chadabe's Electric 
Sound. Heh heh..   It is funny as when I read it I thought, "hey, I know 
that guy: he is a looper!" ;)


"Spiritual renewal through music for those outside the heard."