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Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

Yes, I was also there and saw all the wondrous things the Repeater does
(will do...)  It was beautiful... oh so beautiful...

The other Mark wrote:

>But I would very much resent them trying to arm-wrestle the
>manufacturer to lock out another retailer because they're too strong a
>competitor, and that's the subliminal message I get out of this.

I am in total agreement here.  What the hell is that?  Altos Music
didn't advertise the group buy price, so I can't imagine how they could
have broken any dealer agreement.  Not getting repeaters because they're
trying to do a group buy at a low price?  That sounds like price fixing
to me, and I don't know what those socialists do up there in Canada,
with their floppy heads and beady eyes (this is me totally joking, as
Bush came into office I think of immigrating to Canada every day after
John Stewart's Daily Show), but here in the US, that is illegal, plain
and simple.  Alto music could give the first batch of Repeaters to an
orphanage if they chose to, as long as they paid Electrix within the
specified time range.

So, will I wait to buy a Repeater from Alto music, or be as the Electix
Salesman said, "An early adopter..." and go to Banana's, I don't know,
but it does leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I sure am jones'n for one though.  I sure am.

Also, a message to Electrix: We guitar geeks, while spenders on toys,
are probably not going to be your biggest market, and I'd suggest that
future demos have a guitarist and maybe a DJ.  I have a feeling that DJs
will ultimately become your bread and butter.

Mark Sottilaro