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To All My Software Based Loopy Brothers !

Ok, it's me again, with a very OT or OnT (what's the difference ?). I have just gotten a hold of a copy of the two CD set of Cakewalk's SONAR 1.0...(my buddy at Guitar Center, let me check out the store's copy, before I decided to shell out the bucks to buy it.... we got it like that). Well, I was wondering, before I install this Puppy, has anyone out there used this app for anything ? I know  I can play with it all I want, but I was wondering what the masses have to say about this app. Has anyone did anything with it, etc. I am an ACID man (no, not the drug !), the app. And I have had no problems using that app (now that I have 3.0... I am MIDI crazy, but I digress), so I need your help. I know the app is somewhat new (I missed the workshop at my local Guitar Center, that's why my buddy there let me check out the store's copy... they know I am a "Software-Head".). Yet, I digress again.

Lucien E. Darthard
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