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Re: I want an EDP right?

I've heard that the much anticipated Againinator, when it's released, will
rule all in it's path and for a competitive price. Comes in "cool" DJ
stylin' too!
 btw I heard it was for sure shipping from last June
;  )

Yes I have the DL-4 which is cool for the delay stuff as well as the looper
and the pedal control is great.

Thanks for the replies, jeez I was surprised at the response, I guess 
really like these EDP thingy's then?  :  )
I've placed my order, thanks all.

Allan, the EDP is not officially available in Europe since it needs mods to
pass the European CE certification. Trace have a stockpile meant for the US
that they are willing to sell direct for a good deal on a "product tester"

I heard about it through the list, some others have already taken the

Martin Shellard 

> From: "Allan Hoeltje" <ahoeltje@best.com>

> No, you need the Againinator, it not only kicks ass but will kiss it as
> well.  It should start shipping around last August.
> :-)
> Seriously, the Line 6 (you mean the delay modeler, right?) is a nice toy 
> play with while waiting for your EDP to arrive.  Get an EDP (two if you 
> stereo) and you will not be sorry.
> What is a "tester" EDP?  Did I miss that thread?
> -Allan