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Loop Feste Decompression Part 1

Yes indeed, a fine time.  I actually emerged unscathed.

I'll post my own feedback in a separate post.  First off, some replies...

Gary Lehman spoke:

> Nobody seemed to using quantize with their EDP

Actually, I used quintile during much of the second and third tunes;
indeed, they would have been utterly impossible without it.  It was
also set up for Ric's set, but I don't believe he did anything with
the EDP that would have been dependent on having it engaged.

> The big lesson I learned last night is to try to stay in your comfort
> zone

Really?!  Wow, I actually had a completely different take on it... the
entire set, for me, was an exercise in taking my own personal musical
comfort zone and putting it through the shredder (more on that in my
next post).

Kevin say:

> He had that characteristic wide-eyed look of someone staring down
> the headlights of an oncoming Mack truck.

Gee, Kevin, too kind.  :-{}

> I thought about introducing myself. "Hi,
> I'm David Torn," I wanted to say. lol. 

I seriously doubt Mr. Torn has changed *THAT* much in the three years
since he and I last hung out...  (though I do seem to recall seeing a
photo of him with a very Tom Jenkinson-esque beard!)

> I can
> appreciate the fact that he was nervous. 

Shucks, and here I'd been priding myself on having been calm and collected.

> Andre seemed eager to get his set
> over with because he constantly asked what time it was after nearly every
> song.

That was because the overall schedule for the gig had been arranged
with the premise that I'd play for about a half hour, with Ric and
Steve each playing for an hour after that.  Since my set was entirely
improvised, I had no idea how long I was playing for as I played, and
since it was a three-act show on a weeknight, I didn't want to keep
things running over.  I actually thought about bringing a clock to the
gig so I could time myself.

Additionally, it was the first time I'd ever played with that
particular equipment configuration (guitar into EDP into mono amp, no
signal processing at all), a pretty much 100% improvised set, and the
first live loop gig I'd done since October of 1997.  Not exactly a
surefire prescription for a flawless set.

But I actually felt very comfortable once everything started.  I'm
just glad Steve had already told me Frank Gambale might be showing up,
so that I didn't have a nervous breakdown when I saw him sitting in
the audience.  No sweep-picking from *ME* that night.

> I asked Gary
> Lehman, who was sitting next to me and had a better view, what he was
> pressing. Gary said it was Next Loop. Made sense.

Yes, there was some "Next Loop"... but also a ton of "Multiply,"
"Insert," "Undo," "Overdub," feedback percentage, insertmode,
quantized and unquantized remultiply (and, consequently, cycle
rounding), parameter row scrolling, quantized insertmode=insert,
unquantized insertmode=replace, and liberal use of the top-secret
remultiply+undo "bug" maneuver (aka "The Sylmar Shuffle").

I hope it goes without saying that all of the above comments are said
in good humor and sincere appreciation to those who took the time to
write in with their detailed reviews.  I offer this merely to give
"the performer's take"...

More to come,