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Re: Againinator beta problems?

Yes you have a fully functioning unit, these "easter egg" features will 
be announced upon final release (conservative estimate June 2007-2015).
The lack of a manual is a feature of the easy to use UI.

For safety reasons:

   Always ensure you have both feet on the ground when using) or planning
to buy) the unit.
   Keep all pets well away from the Againinator, especially when in 
   Under no circumstances should you try to loop "Love Gun" the
repercussions will be....unpredictable.

Martin Shellard 

> From: John Tidwell <wedgehed@yahoo.com>

> Dear Gern,
> Thank you for allowing me to beta test the
> Againinator.
> Last night while attempting to loop some Ace Frehley
> riffs, the Againinator exhibited the following
> behavior:
> a) 30 seconds into "I Want To Rock & Roll All Night,
> (And Party Every Day)", the Againinator launched
> itself from the rack, knocking me to the floor.
> (I was already off balance as I was doing a leg
> kick.)
> b) it then proceeded to eat the big shoes off my feet.
> c) indulged in carnal knowledge with my cat.
> d) relieved itself in my headphones.
> My beta unit did not come with a manual. Is the unit
> functioning properly?
> John