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Re: Againinator Thread

>With all "respect" given to the upcoming (I will bet cash money) release 
>the Repeater, I have to say that the Againinator thread is totally
>hilarious!  Can somebody collect all the posts and put up a page on the 
>site?  I am serious--this stuff is paralyzingly funny.  I did a search 
>the web page but it eliminates posts over ten lines and won't give me 
>Thanks for all the info and entertainment.

If someone wants to put together an LD web page for it, I'd be happy to 
add it to the LD "tools of the trade" pages. Maybe a few of you 
Againinator users could send in a review?

And Gern, Electros should put out a press release for this exciting 
soon-to-be product. You really need to tell the world about it. I can put 
that up on Looper's Delight as well. Maybe you can get it on Harmony 
Central. Then all the Againinator users can submit comments on it for the 
harmony-central effects database! That should really help the 
back-ordering pick up!

BTW, this search should bring you all the againinator posts:


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