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Re: some more "really deep" Againinator questions...

I'd like to field this one.

You may have noticed the HUMMINIZER feature on the beta Againinator, 
at this time we cannot provide technical support for this exciting new
feature as we have yet to fully implement it into the unit (or in fact 
any code for it)
As for the exciting new WHACK feature, this is due to be added sometime in
late August (2010) and is sure to revolutionise the way you work (when we
figure out what it's going to do)

I would leave both features on as the buttons look totally cool.

May we just state that looping any classic rock in the Againinator can be
hazardous to your health and may void your warranty. This unit is designed
for slammin' beats y'all.


Martin Shellard 

> From: John Tidwell <wedgehed@yahoo.com>

> Dear Gern,
> I would like to use the Againinator's "HUMMINIZER" TM
> feature to emulate the really bitching part of
> "Freebird". I'm a little weak on my music theory.
> What "HUMMINIZER" TM  setting would work best for
> this?
> a) modal
> b) comodal
> c) yodel
> d) Phriggian
> e) Nickolodian
> I'm also intrigued by the Againinator's patent pending
> "WHACK" process. Should I set this to on or off?
> John
> PS-
> Thank you for your concern & no, the cat hasn't come
> home yet.
> JT
> =====