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RE: More on EDP "multiply" bugs

>While we're on the subject of what might-or-might-not be a bug.  There's
>a multiply "feature" that I consider a bug, and which I find a problem.
>If I hit "undo" while "multiply" is on, the loop is reset - everything
>is fine.  If I hit "undo" *after* I've finished the multiply (by hitting
>multiply a second time), the material that recorded during the multiply
>is erased, but the loop length remains multiplied.  This isn't what I
>want.  I know that I can "trim" the loop back to a single cycle, but
>that's extra (and annoying) work.  Anyone else consider this to be a
>As I understand it, this is the feature under discussion.  Der Sylmar
>Shuffle, jah.
>Perhaps there will be some other option in the upcoming upgrade?

I opted to allow the maximum of multiples possible. if I had to save 
the original loop before the multiply, you would have one less 
multiply allowed because of lack of memory and still would have to 
press the undo in the first multiple after closing multiply. If you 
want to undo the multiply anytime after doing it (without new 
overdubs, of course) you would have only half the space available, 
half as many multiples, more or less, I dont think that would be 
justified, or do you all have plenty memory left, the way you work?

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