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RE: More on EDP "multiply" bugs

> Matthias wrote... 
> I opted to allow the maximum of multiples possible. if I had to save the 
>original loop before the multiply, you would have one less multiply 
>allowed because of lack of memory and still would have to press the undo 
>in the first multiple after closing multiply. If you want to undo the 
>multiply anytime after doing it (without new overdubs, of course) you 
>would have only half the space available, half as many multiples, more or 
>less, I dont think that would be justified, or do you all have plenty 
>memory left, the way you work?

No... please don't take any memory away! 

I'm also enjoying the Sylmar Shuffle quite a lot! Thanks Andre (and your 
phantom friend)... I've encountered it in passing a number of times and 
mostly believed I'd screwed up once again... it's nice to nail it down and 
make better use of it.