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Re: 'plex q , jam q

This is caused by changing the delay time... of which several current 
delays do this quite well... 

Electrix Mo-FX
Line6 DL4
Boss GT5 (not sure about the GT3, GX-700 and GP-100).

not so current products include...

Korg AM8000r
Lexicon LXP15
Digitech RPS series rack delays
Digitech PDS 4000 and 8000 pedals

While most of these aren't technically dedicated loopers, they're what 
many of us have used for this wonderful type of manipulation for years... 
I really loved the detailed way I could control my LXP15 delays with cc 
control... It's such a big, heavy box though that I grew tired of having 
it invade my otherwise tidy rack. I may still end up with another one 
though because it was such a friendly and deep user interface. Great 
balance between simplicity and complexity... great verbs too...


>>> andrew_art@hotmail.com 07/03/01 06:24AM >>>
Is is still the case that no currently available looper/delay can 
up it's output ? ( like the PCM42 and the little blue one Billy Frizz uses 
Why is this - it sounds loverly.

Meanwhile, the input/output knobs on my Jamman when turned make bad noises
like 'curr-thurr-crtt-thump-futt'. Any suggestions ? ( 'sell it !' )

I'm obliged,