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Re: What is the latest on the Repeater?

> I was told by their sales rep, at a product preview, "It will ship no
> later than June 15th.  I promise."  Other than blowing out their other
> products at amazing prices, they have been quiet.  I decided to wait for
> the Repeater, mainly because it has the ability to save loops on Flash
> media cards, then dump them into your computer as .wav files.  There's
> probably a chance that this product will never see market, though, but
> I'm going to wait and see.  

That seems pretty unlikely.  What we know is that
1) the boxes are finished
2) they have a working beta of the software
3) this is now their flagship/only product
4) they are (partially?) owned by a larger company, IVL.

I can't imagine that IVL is going to let this fall on the
floor, it'd be crazy

> Until then, I'm working on Againinator product development.

Good idea!  They have a good track record and will certainly
deliver something... interesting...

(Though, I could never get their BlenderQueen to make any sounds
except a nasty grinding sort of buzz.  but it makes killer
frozen Margueritas...)


If it ain't fixed, break it.